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Prayer Requests
Prayer Requests
7/1/01 - Praise God! There are not enough words to thank Him for this opprotunity. it seems there are so many things needed to fulfill this duty. As far as immidiate requests, we need more people willing to make the commitment to join us in this quest.

As for personal requests for me, pray that God will show me some direction in all this. It may seem strange that someone that knows nothing about kayaking is starting an organization based on it but I really feel God leading me towards this. Pray that I will be able to work in learning how to kayak, how to conduct myself towards other people, and how to trust God through it all.

Pray for our government officials, our families, our pastors, and friends. Pray that they as well will be able to put full faith in God and make the right decisions to glorify Him.
  If you have a request...
Please e-mail evkaou@hotmail.com and in the subject put Request. Please include as many details as possible & your name as you would like it displayed on the site. If you do not want it to be listed on the site please specify that as well. Praises are welcome too!